Solution of mobile Wi-Fi, CCTV Camera System, LED lighting. On-line streaming to internet.

Design system MobileWi-Fi



IEE 802.11 B/G/N
2,4 / 5 GHz
Speed up to
450 / 1300 Mbps
Router / controller

CCTV system

Motion detection
Recording 7 days and more (up to customer needs)

LED lighting

Saving LED
PIR detector
Twilight switch
Detector of lighting intensity
Electronic control

Power supply

12 / 24V / 230V
Up to 7 days duty w/o power supply *
FV and 230V recharging
Indication of status
Electronic control

Remote control

Remote access
PC / NTB / Mobile devices

On-line streaming
to internet. FullHD/HD.
Multicasting, recording
up to 3 channels in real time
Storing of recording for further processing.

In these days many people can not imagine life without mobile phones, tablets or computers including connection to the internet. Usually we rely on network of mobile provider. But at parties with high people concentration in small space there are problems with mobile talks or data. Some people may experience limitation of the data packages/tariffs. It is logical step of action organizer to offer customers high quality internet connection so that they can do regular activities (web browning, chatting, e-mailing etc.). With high quality connection people may immediately share their experiences on social network, send audio and video sequences or blog. High potencial is also stored in data content evaluation and better accessibility of advertisement space.

In case you organize cultural action, festival, automobile or motorcycle races or any other outdoor activities in larger space and you need to solve internet distribution problem, spreading of Wi-Fi singnal and CCTV cameras monitoring, eventually with „streaming“ on www pages or You Tube channel, or simple lighting, this solution is for you. Whole system can be used as as information media network, advertisement and traffic of own applications: for example proximity marketing – wireless distribution of marketing informations to user and back, getting data about users and their behavior.

Whole system is divided into two parts – central control part and mobile pillar(s).
The term central part means group of active network units suitable for Wi-Fi connection management. From this central part that is placed for example in the reception or action headquarter is internet distributed towards mobile pillars. From there is internet connection spread directly among users. Covered area in basic – rectangular spacing has approx. 100 × 50 m, i.e. size of the football stadium. In case of other type of spacing, eventually if there are higher numbers of pillars is covered area almost unlimited.

For detail informations and solution calls please contact us.


Central part is group of active network units used for administration, distribution and connection control, video and audio signal editing and conversion from cameras to digital stream – multicasting. Included is its localization inside secured areas (reception space, director office, etc.). There is provided power supply, eventually internet connection from regional provider. All central part units are installed into mobile aluminium case – box, that is adapted for safety transportation and manipulation. On the roof or wall of this entity is placed Wi-Fi Access Point – Wi-Fi wireless Access Point distributing signal between mobile pillars.



One unit only, interface between internet provider connection and partial connection points. Offers Wi-Fi connection administration: Wi-Fi name, password, limit of maximum connection speed for one user and others. This is important if one user would occupy broad band and others would have problems with internet connection. This unit also enables paid access to the internet.


NVR – Recording unit – recorder. This unit records entries from CCTV cameras located on pillars and in reception. It helps staff with identification by cameras in case of problems or robberies.

STREAM – covnersion of picture and sound from cameras by digital encoder into „live stream“. Digital cutting room (production switcher) for picture switching between cameras including preview during on-line adjustment.


SWITCH – This active network unit connects router /controler, NVR, cameras, Wi-Fi AP so that they may communicate together. It also gives power supply to cameras and Wi-Fi.

STREAM –Multicasting, real time recording up to 3 multi channels (USTREAMTV, YOTUBELIVE, FACEBOOKLIVE, RTSP), storing of recoding for further processing. Distinguishing of channels / streams: 1x FULL HD / 2x HD, stoging of recording for further processing.


Back-up battery power unit with overvoltage security. This unit supplies all described units. For limited time (approx. 15 minutes) it gives supply to all described units when power failure or surge happens. Besides all units would be secured in case of non-standard power fluctuation.


Cameras (2 pcs) located in reception are of the same type as cameras on pillars in the area. One camera could be placed on the building for monitoring people entry, second then in the reception. This way would be possible to monitor payment place. It would be possible to prevent eventual controversies during payments and money back.


Wi-Fi APs for area are of two types. One for internet spreading in the area and second for camera system connection with NVR – recording unit. Separation of camera signal and internet connectivity is important for safety reasons and Wi-Fi service fidelity and also CCTV.


This printer is for paid internet traffic and it prints single generated codes for connection to internet. Together with the router / controller it enables staff fast and reliable generation of single passwords for customers.


Among other HW belongs box – rack in which all mentioned units except for printer, cameras and AP are stored. Box – rack protects units during transport and during service. It has mobile design including handrails for easy transport and covers for units safety. Examples of other HW: connection and mooring panel, data cables and other necessary small units for whole system service.


Principle of mobile pillar is steel lockbox inside which is placed acumulator assembly. In case of full suit would be placed inside box also electronic controling power supply, communication with sensors and other technologies.

Pillar would be fixed to box and anchored by ground screws, eventually by other means depending on surface placement. To the box is attached dural pillar as bearing unit for other active devices.

Pillar could be equipped with whatever possible. It could be Wi-Fi Access Point, CCTV camera, solar panel, LED lighting, readers, sensors and others.

Each pillar has complet cabling for connection with particular unit. Whole thing is designed to be easily dismounted, assembled and safely transported.


Transport box××××
Router / Wi-Fi controller vMINI×
Router / Wi-Fi controller vMAXI×××
NVR – CCTV recorder××
Etherent Switch ××××
UPS – back-up power supply vMINI×
UPS – back-up power supply vMAXI×××
CCTV camera 2x××
Wi-Fi Access Point vMINI×
Wi-Fi Access Point vMAXI×××
Coupon printer×××
Other Hardware××××
Digital cutting room×
Digital encoder×
PILLAR (pcs)5555
Battery box××××
Ground screws××××
Battery (pcs)1122
Electronic vMINI×
Electronic vMAXI×××
Wi-Fi Access Point vMINI×××
Wi-Fi Access point vMAXI×××
CCTV camera××
LED lighting, sensors××
Dural pillar (m)5555
SERVICES (only in case of sale of the solution, will be a part of the detailed calculation when renting)
Switchboard assembly (in case of rental)××××
Pillar assembly××××
IT settings××××
Service teaching in××××
On-line streaming×
PRICE190 €/day
price from 11 650 €
290 €/day
price from 19 950 €
390 €/day
price from 30 550 €
490 €/day
price from 36 950 €

W WiFi, C CCTV systém, L LED lighting. System is modular. Variants could be differently mixed. For price variants of solution or lease, please contact us. Price is set in Euro. All prices are without VAT.

In case of need to establish on-line channel – streaming of your enterprise to internet (YouTube, Facebook, www), solution would be addend and system levels up to variant WCLMAXI + STREAM.

For price variants demands contact us



Agency organising different festivals at various places. It offers for its customers free Wi-Fi. For cooperating companies in a field of advertisement, marketing and hotel industry offers stabile connection to internet (communication with cloud services, servers, EET etc.)

WMAXI system installation. For connection is available connectivity with max. capacity for example 100Mbit over local connection / LAN or direct connection with provider or GSM connection over mobile operator. This connectivity is split into 2 or more Wi-Fi networks – free and paid. In the area is access to free Wi-Fi with for example 50 Mbit speed (shared connection). This allows customers connection to internet, access to www, chat, blog etc. On the controller is speed limit up to max. 0,5Mbit for single user. Remaining 50 Mbit are reserved as paid WIFI (shared band). This allows users connection for example 10Mbit speed. This connectivity is sold to limited number of users or companies. Costs of solution are transferred/distributed into entrance tickets and remaining capacity is sold to VIP clients.


Automobile or motorcycle races. Organising agency need to ensure connection for depo spaces, paddock or other free – rented spaces, cooperating companies in a field of advertisement, marketing and hotel industry, eventually for action visitors stabile connection to internet (communication with cloud services, servers, EET etc.). It also needs space monitoring with CCTV cameras over 24/7 for whole action duration in case of action night lighting.

WCLMAXI system installation. For connection is available connectivity with max. capacity 300Mbit for example over local connection / LAN, eventually over direct connection with provider. This connectivity is split into 2 or more Wi-Fi networks – free and paid. In the area is installed free Wi-Fi network for example 100 Mbit (shared connection). This allows connection to internet, access to www, chat, blog etc. But on controller is limited speed max. 0,5Mbit for single user. Remaining 200 Mbit are reserved as paid Wi-Fi (shared band). It allows users connection for example 20 Mbit speed. This connectivity is sold to limited number of users or companies. Costs of solution are transferred /distributed into entrance tickets and remaining capacity is sold to VIP clients.


The investor needs to provide temporary CCTV camera surveillance 24/7, on-line monitoring of the construction or reconstruction of the building, the road and to have the possibility of online monitoring via the Internet for the supervision or planning of the construction. Ensure Wi-Fi coverage of the building.

WCLMAXI or WCLMAXI + STREAM installation. Connectivity will be available depending on the installation site, provided by a wireless connection from the nearest connection point. The individual columns will be wirelessly connected by wireless links to ensure data transmission between the columns and the central location. The columns will be equipped with the necessary IP CCTV cameras and, if required, with cameras with analytical functions (license plate recognition, person counting, stop detection, entry or exit from the monitored area, or other). Wi-Fi signal will be provided by placing access points. The Main Central location will be equipped with the appropriate recorder and the capacity for the required recording time. The whole solution can be connected to the Internet for remote access, or set the stream to the appropriate channel, social network or www. Remote access and streaming depend on how you connect to the Internet at your location.

This system may offer to action organizers another benefits. Besides unlimited connection to internet (w/o data transfer limitations) it is possible to use whole system as Mobile CCTV camera system with 24/7 recording, information media network, advertisement and traffic of own applications: for example refreshments offer, program info and its changes, live videostream from show, online talks… and many other improvements based on action type.


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